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“Dedicate yourself to a core set of values. Without them, you will never be able to find personal fulfillment, and you will never be able to lead effectively.”

– Kenneth I. Chenault, American Express Co. CEO

Travel& Invest Africa

Travel & Invest Africa (TIA) is a service provided by Nelson Legacy Enterprises International, LTD. TIA is a concierge group travel service and online investment education membership. A guide for African startup investment, through travel, culture immersion, and education. 

TIA provides several options to travel; our travel experiences are created to provide new and seasoned travelers cultural Immersion experiences created to educate and immerse travelers in culture, local tourism and investment opportunities globally. 

How it Started...

I am a seasoned entrepreneurial leader with expertise in developing strategic growth visions for companies. My focus lies in optimizing business operations and overcoming bottlenecks in business processes, resulting in significant cost savings for technology-driven organizations.

Over the span of more than 18 years, I have achieved tangible outcomes for various sectors, including finance, utilities, local and federal government, nonprofit organizations dedicated to advocacy, and emerging technology companies. Through my approach, I have successfully eliminated time-consuming activities, resulting in total cost savings exceeding $25 million and streamlining over 100 business processes.

In 2019, I expanded my company’s portfolio to include the travel industry by launching an exclusive travel service called Travel & Invest Africa. This unique service is designed to promote responsible travel in Africa, encourage investments in local economies, and preserve indigenous cultures. Our company specifically invests in four sectors: Agriculture, Blockchain/Web 3, Manufacturing, and Real Estate.

To date, our company, NLEI, has welcomed and catered to investors with a keen interest in Nigeria. Through their experiences, they have discovered opportunities to drive economic empowerment by creating jobs and preserving culture through responsible tourism.

I am particularly proud of the achievements we have made in Africa, as it represent the perfect amalgamation of my strategic leadership skills in business operations and my passion for making a positive impact and establishing a sustainable legacy.

One of my favorite quotes encapsulates our approach: “We strive to facilitate growth while ensuring a sustainable legacy.” – Stephanie Nelson

Immerse Deeply & Invest consciously

travel is self discovery & community building

self discovery As a Core Value

Stephanie is an author, podcast host, expert speaker and founder. Recently Stephanie has been afforded the opportunity to open her first international office in Nigeria which serves the continent of Africa.

Legacy is Family

Stephanie's favorite pastime is relaxing with family, telling the stories of her parents, and enjoying her siblings, nieces, nephews and her amazing son.

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Need a Legacy Building Community?

Travel & Invest Africa Membership (TIAM) is an online investor education platform educating about the emerging startup markets in Nigeria, Kenya, Belize, and Panama. Primarily focused on West Africa, TIAM educates members on investment opportunities focused on agriculture, manufacturing, blockchain/crypto/web3, and real estate. TIAM is dedicated to involving members in new startups creating innovation and entrepreneurship globally. The TIAM membership is NOT an investment vehicle. TIAM provides access to information and educates members about startup investment opportunities in emerging markets. 

meet our co-founder &
global Chief Operations Officer


Eghosa Igbinoba is Chief Operations Officer for Nelson Legacy Enterprises, LTD Nigeria.

Mr. Igbinoba is responsible for managing the logistics for Travel & Invest Africa, Naija Yummyz, Saint Alice City, Legacy Soursop Tea, and Legacy Farm Nigeria.

His breadth of knowledge in logistic operations, finance, real estate and B2C made him the ideal candidate to run all operations for the Nelson Legacy Africa offices. 

He has owned and operated small businesses for more than 25 years; well connected in Lagos and Southern Nigeria markets.

He is passionate about Nelson Legacy Enterprises International success. He continues to drive sales and operations across Africa. 

“I had to make my own living and my own opportunity. But I made it! Don’t sit down and wait for the opportunities to come. Get up and make them.”
-– Madam C.J. Walker

The Travel Africa Experience is an all-inclusive travel experience that is all about showing you the beautiful culture of Africa through tourist attractions, safaris and so much more!


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