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Travel in Africa is a merger between relaxation, exploration, and business opportunity personified.

Our travel experiences are designed around YOUR uniqueness. Our travelers are high-performing professionals, entrepreneurs, and impact investors. Our travelers want to celebrate their identity, immerse themselves in culture and

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Our team lives and travels extensively throughout the continent. Our trips are designed to celebrate you, educate you about culture and business.

Professional Travel Experts

The team is intentional about your experience. We carefully plan the details to ensure you have the most impactful experience.

Small Groups Or Private planning

We stive to build lifetime connections and relationships with your fellow travel partners and local people on the Continent. Africa offers extraordinary opportunities to build bridges that have both personal and professional impact. One thing is certain: you will never forget your incredible experience.

Value for Money

Our mott is, "value over money" we want you to take away a life changing experience on the Continent. We go to great lengths to make your experience valuable.

Social Responsibility

Beyond receiving a most extraordinary Africa experience, when you book with us, you add to the local economy as we support local small businesses.

Our Annual Trips

Whether you travel solo, in a group or with family, we have several experiences ready for you!

East Africa

Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda

From USD 7500

10 Days
invest opp
Not Yet

West Africa

Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Cape Verde, The Gambia

From USD 6500

10 Days
invest opp

South Africa

Angola, Zambia, Botswana, Malawi, Namibia, South Africa

From USD 9500

10 Days
Invest Opp
Not yet

Central America

Guyana, Belize

From USD 6500

10 Days
Invest Opp
not yet

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From visas to hotel accommodations to safe and secure investments, Travel & Invest Africa is concierge for African travel, tourism and investment education!

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The Travel Africa Experience is an all-inclusive travel experience that is all about showing you the beautiful culture of Africa through tourist attractions, safaris and so much more!


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